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The Hand That Feeds

My Role

Summary of Responsibilities


  • Creating Bi-Weekly Dev Blogs to drive community engagement and update followers of the game

  • Utilized Agile/SCRUM style of development to guide team and ensure task/feature completion

  • Ran daily stand ups and planned two week sprints as well as cleared development blockers along the way

  • Created VFX in various areas of the game

  • Acted as a liaison between multiple departments

  • Designed and balanced player's abilities, basic attack, and heavy attack

  • Made feature documents that outlined how specific mechanics and gameplay features worked and functioned

  • Designed and tuned multiple enemy types and encounters

  • Crafted the final boss encounter for the game 

  • Designed and tuned the gameplay systems

Project Manager/Game Designer & Level Designer


As a Game Designer,  My main role was guiding the team in a unified vision, ensuring that work was completed in a timely manner, and to balance and design the game along the way. This included writing up feature documents, being hands-on with the team and guiding the gameplay elements being created, adjusting combat encounters, and designing the abilities for the player.


I also doubled up as a Project Manager for the team, I assigned tasks through 2-week "Sprints" in an AGILE/SCRUM style of management. I ensured there were no blocks in the pipeline and I coordinated team members to ensure we had the best product possible.


In my little free time where I wasn't managing or leading the team, I did a small portion of Level Design for the boss encounter of the game as well as created some VFX for different aspects of the game.

Enemy Design

Enemy Overview


One of the challenges that I faced in creating the enemies for the game is that we didn't have a rigger so I tried to streamline the design of the enemies as much as possible. Many of the enemies within the game do not have legs to reduce the amount of rigging and ultimately eliminate the need for walk cycles.


I designed and balanced three types of enemies The Berserker, Crawlers, Infected Flowers, and Crazy Skulls. I wanted each enemy type to have a specific/ideal way for the player to deal with them to encourage the use of specific abilities.

The Berserker
  • Attacks slowly but does a lot of damage

  • Large amount of health

  • Melee Attacks

  • The player can deal with the damage of one or two but not a whole pack

  • Players should kite this monster to effectively deal with it

  • Slower movement than other enemies in the game to compensate for the damage output


  • Attacks quickly but does minimal damage

  • Very little health

  • Melee Attacks

  • Chips away at the player's health

  • More dangerous in groups/swarms of crawlers

  • Smaller/Harder to hit with a single sword swing

  • Encourages the player to use their cyclone ability to defeat a large group of crawlers due to their low health pool and smaller hit boxes


Ranged Enemies

The two ranged enemies in the game are very similar, due to time constraints but they have some subtle differences in design and their overall look.


Infected Flowers
  • Shoots a green projectile that can be evaded

  • Medium amount of health (Less Health than skulls because they appear in the first level)

  • Ranged Enemy

  • Does a medium amount of damage (Less Damage than the skulls)

  • Medium Size Hitbox

  • Encourages the player to use their Charged Dash Ability to close the gap between the enemy


Crazy Skulls
  • Shoots a red projectile that can be evaded

  • Medium amount of health (More health than flowers because they appear in the second level)

  • Ranged Enemy

  • Does a medium amount of damage (More damage than the flowers)

  • Small Size Hitbox

  • Encourages the player to use their Charged Dash Ability to close the gap between the enemy


Boss Design

Boss Encounter


I designed and tuned the final boss encounter of the game and  I worked heavily with a programmer to get the boss abilities into the game and balanced them once they were implemented.