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My Role

Summary of Responsibilities

  • Creating Bi-Weekly Dev Blogs to drive community engagement and to update 

  • Utilized Agile/SCRUM style of development to guide team and ensure task/feature completion

  • Ran daily stand ups and planned two week sprints as well as cleared development blockers along the way

  • Created VFX in various areas of the game

  • Acted as a liaison between multiple departments

  • Set dressed and populated the levels with props and environmental assets to make the levels visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing

  • Designed two new boss encounters/levels to provide a fun but challenging experience for the player

  • Re-Tuned and balanced previous boss encounters and levels to provide an adequate challenge for the players

  • Guided the team in polishing many aspects of the game and its design

  • Made feature documents that outlined how specific mechanics and gameplay features worked and functioned

  • Conducted daily stand-ups and assigned tasks through 2-Week sprints

Project Manager/Game Designer & Boss Designer

Knighty Night is a game that has extended development and expanded its team. The version that is up on itch.io is a portion of the game.


I gained my role as a Game Designer on the project beginning in January and I was tasked with not only polishing many aspects of the game, such as making visuals and UI clearer, ensuring animations get into the game, adding sound, etc. But I was also tasked with including two new themes to the game with four new levels and two new boss encounters with new mechanics, puzzles and gameplay elements.


I also served as a Boss Designer outlining how Bosses for the different areas should work, designing arenas and boss levels, and balancing boss values, attacks, etc.


Similar to many other games I have worked on I was also the Project Manager for this game. I assigned tasks in 2-week "Sprints" with an AGILE/SCRUM style approach, acted as a liaison between multiple departments, organized playtest sessions, and much more.




Level and Boss Design

Creating the Graveyard Boss (In Progress)

In creating the graveyard boss I wanted to incorporate one of the main mechanics of the previous graveyard levels that we had been teaching the player. Which is the Chase Mechanic, where colored ghosts follow you and change colors that show the player which path to take.


I wanted to break up the expectedness of the third level of a theme just being a boss room. So for this boss, I created a chase to the boss room that the player must complete.




Graveyard Boss Level Gameplay

Paper Concept: Chase

Layout/Blockout Pass

Paper Concept: Boss Room

Layout/Blockout Pass

Layout/Blockout Pass of Boss Room

Lighting/Art Pass (Currently In Progress)




Re-Tuning and Balancing the Sewer Boss Level

The second boss of the game King  Chroma was a bit too challenging from the previous iteration. It was then my job to redesign the room/traps to eliminate overly safe areas and to make traps not as punishing, while also allowing space for the player to fight effectively.




Sewer Boss Gameplay