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Bounce House Brawlers

Gameplay Trailer
Bounce House Brawlers Trailer

My Role

Summary of Responsibilities


  • Creating Bi-Weekly Dev Blogs to drive community engagement 

  • Utilized Agile/SCRUM style of development to guide team and ensure task/feature completion

  • Ran daily stand ups and planned two week sprints as well as cleared development blockers along the way

  • Created VFX in various areas of the game

  • Made and iterated on four unique levels with two unique environmental themes

  • Created annotated maps and blockouts for levels I created

  • Acted as a liaison between multiple departments

  • Designed player's basic fighting kit

  • Updated and maintained a living game design document

Project Manager/Game Designer & Level Designer

Bounce House Brawlers is a 1st place award-winning game that we shipped from concept to full publish in 6 months.


As a Game Designer and Project Manager,  My main role was guiding the team in a unified vision, ensuring that work was completed in a timely manner, and to balance and design the game along the way. I assigned tasks each week in an AGILE/SCRUM style of management. I ensured there were no blocks in the pipeline and I coordinated team members to ensure we had the best product possible.


I also created levels for the game as a Level Designer, my role as a level designer was to create 4 Unique levels with 2 new themes. This required me to create annotated maps, create blockouts for the levels, construct asset lists, and to iterate on the levels based on player feedback.

LEvel Design

Forge Level 1
Unique Level Goals:
  • Change the hazard location so players need to adapt to kill their opponent

  • Make the hazard within the level more dangerous as time progresses

  • Create downtime where players can build up damage/knockback on opponents​

Annotated Maps
Forge Level 1: Map Design
Forge Level 1: Conflict Zones
Forge Level 1: Moving Walls
Final Version

The first level I worked on had the theme of a forge. I planned out what mechanic and hazards I wanted for the forge level and how that fit the theme of the level. Ultimately, I came up with this idea of falling molten lava that would serve as a constant hazard throughout the level. The lava would be on both sides that way one side wasn’t particularly better than the other.


However, I didn’t want the lava to be a constant hazard within the level so I decided that there would be 4 forge doors in total that would allow and block access to the lava. This would make it so that players would have to move around the map frequently and their “goal” which is to hit the opponent into the lava would be moving. This made it so that players had to adapt to the level to be successful in this arena.


If the match went on for a decent amount of time two doors would open up instead of one making it easier to hit your opponent into the lava and giving players a chance to finish off their opponent.


I played heavily with the door timing in this level to ensure that it stayed open for a long enough time so the players could adjust and have an opportunity to hit their opponent into the level.

Forge Level 2:
Unique Level Goals:
  • Make multiple parts of the level dangerous at one time

  • Create a hazard that takes time to fully charge up and kill the player

  • Use conveyor belts to put players at risk of the hazard

Annotated Maps
Forge Level 2: Map Design
Forge Level 2: Hazards/Furnaces
Forge Level 2: Moving Belts
Final Version

I wanted to do something a little bit different for the second forge level. So, I concepted out the idea of having vents that heated up gradually and ultimately when they were fully heated they would be a hazard and kill the player if touched.


I also wanted to have another level mechanic just to make the level more interesting as a whole so I added conveyor belts to the level that would push the player in a particular direction. Conveyor belts would push the player toward the fire grates within the level so if they weren’t paying attention or didn’t react quickly then it would cost them a life.


I heavily played with the platforms in this level trying four platforms initially and after playtesting it seemed that they would just get in the way. So I simplified the level and brought it down to two platforms making the level less complex but having better flow and movement for players.

Jungle Level 1:
Unique Level Goals:
  • Create a level that heavily emphasizes positioning

  • Make it so parts of the map are better for certain attacks​

This was the first level I created for the Jungle Theme. This level just had stagnant hazards which were the spikes because I really wanted players to focus on positioning in this level.


I balanced the level to have spikes in places that called for certain attacks. So if the players were on the top platforms they would have to be careful of an uppercut from their opponent because it would send them right into the spikes.


I also placed the bottom spikes under a set of platforms so players could fall on them and die. The idea of the bottom spikes was to create a situation where the basic punch was more powerful especially if you were the opponent facing the spikes.

Jungle Level 2:
Unique Level Goals:
  • Create a level that gives players a second chance/final resort

  • Create moments where players feel on edge because they are close to the hazard of the level

The last level that I created for the game was the second Jungle Themed level. I wanted water to be the main hazard for this level.


However, I realized that having a half screen of water where players fall would be a death trap. So, I incorporated a mechanic of moving logs which would act as a last resort/safety net for players.


The logs would allow the player to either get back up to the safer platform or make it so the players fought in a risky situation.

Forge Level 1: Conflict Zones