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Blocktober 2018

Project Overview

I was really inspired by all the blockouts that were done in the previous year of blocktober 2017, and I decided that this would be an awesome opportunity to practice my grayboxing skills and turn something I thought was interesting into a level.

Blockout Progress 1


My Reference Image (I did not create this image)

This is my first progress shot of what I completed at the beginning of blocktober. I really enjoyed the aesthetic I was getting from the blockout so I decided to continue it further.

Final Blockout

I decided to add a few aesthetic pieces and really bring the whole piece together. Overall this project taught me a lot about how much you can convey through a simple blockout and how different aspects of an environment can really pull it together. 
This definitely helped me think about encouraging level flow while also incorporating environmental set pieces. I was really happy with the product I produced over the course of the month, while still maintaining a focus on my studies.